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We believe in providing a holistic educational experience to our learners. We endeavour to be a school where students, teachers and parents collectively understand, celebrate and honour the diversity of learning. We welcome you all to embark on this exciting journey of continuous and life-long learning with us.

“Young Guardians of Freedom Unite for a Brighter Tomorrow”

Let’s stand strong, let’s stand united, let’s stand proud.
Happy Independence Day 2023!

“Diverse Dwellings: A Summarized Spectrum of Homes”

“The Essence of Abstract Nouns”

“Transport and Communication: The Culmination of Evolution”

“From Sand to Splendor: Tracing the Heights of Ancient Egyptian Civilization by Grade 6A Students”

“Janmashtami Celebrations: “Embracing the Spirit of Lord Krishna”

“Capturing the vibrant spirit of Ganesh Chaturthi in every click”

“Young Stars of Grade 4 Illuminate Shivaji Maharaj’s Legacy”

“Moments of Valor: Capturing Firefighters in Action”

Dancing to the vibrant tunes of GARBA in our school’s joyful celebration of Navratri!