Subjects Offered

At i Global, we believe in growth outside of academic pursuit as well. Keeping this in mind, we provide a wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for a holistic and enjoyable learning experience.

i Global School is a unique co-educational school from Playschool to Grade 12 that offers ICSE programme along with comprehensive sports and art curriculum. Simply put, our teaching goes beyond classroom.


Art helps foster effective learning with a positive culture in school. i Global integrates various forms of art across the curriculum that are necessary for success in any field of endeavour of our learners.

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    Stimulates connection in the growing minds by exploring and controlling the body movements based on rhythm. It teaches the kids to express different emotions or tell a story.

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    Develops the knowledge of words and pattern through sound.

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    Develops creativity by enhancing self-expression and social confidence.


Computer Studies

i Global instils discipline of advanced learning approaches through Coding, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence by emulating our lives and exploring new horizons, as well as getting ready for the future. Exposure to the digital world is bound to expand child’s imagination and provide access to many opportunities.


Community Services

The propensity of serving the community provide learners with the opportunity to become active members of the society and has a lasting positive impact on the nation at large.

At i Global, the learners can apply academic learning to real life events that helps improve communication, social connections, interpersonal and critical thinking skills. It builds relationships through exposure of learners to diversity and multiculturalism.



We at i Global believe that physical, social and emotional learning experiences are equally important. And so, we inculcate the attitude of lifelong learning and sportsmanship through various games. Sports activities help build skills like teamwork, leadership, patience, discipline and accountability that boosts self-confidence in learners. It also helps them to learn from their failure and enhances their physical and mental abilities to achieve the goals of life.


Life Skills

i Global aims at encouraging learners to explore and develop the skills necessary for successful living and learning. Once equipped with these skills, they give themselves a chance to experience an improved quality of life and better social functioning.


Leadership & Communication

As we all understand, collaborative problem-solving always leads to a better outcome. Diverse group of learners functioning as team are the creators of new ideas. i Global promotes collaboration techniques of teaching and learning to intensify effective communication and develop expertise in leadership qualities.