i Global is a second home for any student as they spend most of the waking hours here. For this reason, providing an aesthetic and safe infrastructure for our students is of paramount importance to us. It creates a favourable environment for the students’ holistic development.

Classroom Facilities

Play School to Senior K.G:

Our early years learning spaces for playschool to senior KG are designed to maximize possibility and curiosity among our youngest learners. With ample space to move around, kids can engage with the teachers and fellow learners. To support learning styles of this age group, the facility uses furniture with soft corners and cushioned flooring that stimulates creativity in a soft environment. Our youngest learners have their own outdoor play area that keeps them agile and engaged during their crucial growth years.

Primary (Grade 1 to 5th):

Primary School forms the core of formal education and we are proud to offer learning spaces that promote well-balanced growth of our young learners belonging to grades 1 to 5. The classrooms for primary school students are active learning spaces that inspire students to engage and access wide range of topics in a meaningful and creative manner. There are separate classes for each subject, equipped with substantial hands-on material for deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Secondary (Grade 6 to 10th):

Our learning spaces for grade 6 to 10th are designed to support the rigorous academic program. With emphasis on both theoretical and practical learning, our secondary students have access to state-of-the-art science labs that are stocked with exhaustive sets of instruments and the latest technology equipment that come with additional safety features. Our workshops allow the students to see the learning take shape and elevate their understanding of the world to the next level.



Our school library is well stocked with a vast catalogue of over 300 books and is a rich resource for magazines, newspapers and audio-visual content. Our library has a welcoming vibe to it that encourages learners to take on reading as a lifelong habit. From books to sports, i Global school offers world-class infrastructure that aids holistic development of students which is vital to their emotional, social and physical well-being.



i Global offers cafeterias that serve wholesome meals in a clean, healthy and safe environment. The kitchen is run under the supervision of an expert who personally plans a nutritional balance menu that changes every week. Our 500-seater open hall doubles up as a venue for various cultural events and activities as well as badminton tournaments.


Sports Facilities

We offer a host of indoor sports facilities as well as outdoor playgrounds. A swimming pool will become the talking point within the local community. The facilities are managed by a professional crew under the guidance of a team of certified coaches. Students challenge themselves by actively competing in inter-house and inter-school sports meet.


Bus Service

The school offers high quality bus service for families wishing to make use of it. Our bus is well-equipped with CCTV cameras and GPS for real-time location tracking of our buses. All buses are also supported by trained hostesses who ensure a seamless ride between home and school.


Medical Care

Like we mentioned, student well-being is of utmost importance to us. Our on-campus pharmacy is managed by a certified nursing staff with essential medical supplies and equipment to take care of any primary health emergency.


Safety and Security

Your child’s safety is of paramount importance to us and hence the entire campus is fortified by a trained team of security professionals. Keeping child safety in mind, our constant endeavour is to keep the premises under surveillance. We have set up an efficient safety apparatus to tackle emergency situations. Our Identity Cards are RFID enabled so that parents can keep a track of their child’s time-in and time-out of the campus.

School Staff

Our teaching staff is compelling mix of some of the best academic and non-academic teachers who together bring the best global curriculum and co-curriculum practices into a teaching methodology. Our school management and teaching staff will take every care to create an exceptional learning environment that inspire students to become lifelong learners, inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open minded, caring, risk takers, balanced and reflective.

We will continue to re-imagine our learning spaces for the changing world, attract the best teaching professionals and continue to deliver our promise of Imagine, Innovate and Illuminate.