i Global is a second home for any student
as they spend most of the waking hours here.

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    State of Art Science Laboratories

    In our science lab, we allow students to apply and practice scientific concepts learnt in class. Our state-of-the-art science labs are stocked with exhaustive sets of instruments and the latest technology equipment that come with additional safety features. This makes their learning experience fun and safe too.

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    Math Lab

    Our well-equipped Math labs enable students to learn and improve their mathematical skills. It helps them understand the concepts of Math through relevant, meaningful and concrete activities that will motivate learning and nurture a liking towards mathematics.

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    With each passing day, technology is becoming an integral part of our lives. Thus, through our Robotics/Tinker lab, we are providing an opportunity to learn new technologies and adapt them to solve real life problems. Our labs are designed to arouse curiosity, creativity and imagination in our young learners.

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    Language Lab

    Our Language Lab is designed to develop and enhance language and communication skills. With activities and exercise-based learning, students can master new languages in a more engaged and interactive way.

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    Geography Lab

    Any subject backed with practical learning can be mastered very easily. Geography is no exception and so the need for a Geography Lab cannot be denied. Here, our students can learn through maps, charts, globes, barometers, models of different landforms, other equipment, etc.

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    Music Studio

    Music too plays an important role in the cognitive and intellectual development of a child. At our music studio, we provide a conducive atmosphere for our students to learn music, both – instrumental and vocal. We have a good collection of all major musical instruments. This learning experience will help in bringing out the latent potential of students in the field of music.

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    Art Studio

    Along with academics and sports, i Global School also offers a variety of art-centric learning spaces for students to explore their passion. These spaces offer our young learners an opportunity to identify their personal interest early on in life and develop them further under the guidance of expert instructors.

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    Dance Studio

    Dance is an expressive and creative way of communicating emotions, thoughts and feelings. Through dance, students can learn to be motivated, expressive, focused and disciplined. The dance studio at i Global is designed to develop and nurture the art of various dance forms – both modern and traditional. Our faculties are trained and experienced in the field of dance. They ensure that our students learn in a positive and friendly environment.