About Us

i Global School – a place where innovative and modern methods of teaching meet Indian cultural values.

Welcome to i Global School

We believe in providing a holistic educational experience to our learners. We endeavour to be a school where students, teachers and parents collectively understand, celebrate and honour the diversity of learning. We welcome you all to embark on this exciting journey of continuous and life-long learning with us.


Our Vision

We aim at providing innovative teaching methods that go beyond classroom learning to help learners reach their full academic, social and physical potential in a fair, positive and consistent environment. We are committed to nurturing the cognitive, ethical, intellectual and emotional development of our students.



To provide a caring and high-quality learning environment to our learners who graduate into being caring individuals that create a better and peaceful world.

To provide a holistic educational experience that nurtures creative imagination and innovation for illuminating minds.



To provide pragmatic learning methods that aim to bridge the gap between theory and reality that helps build the learners’ strengths and experiences and makes them future-ready.

To nurture an educational philosophy that seeks to identify implicit principles and themes that are not necessarily exemplified in a school’s textbook but are consistent with the beliefs and values that define the vision of education.



Provide a conducive learning environment that inspires critical thinking, pragmatism, creativity and leadership.


Inculcate ethical and cultural values of compassion, empathy and respect towards others and the environment.


Provide instructional ideas with innovative methods through teaching & learning process within and beyond classrooms.


Provide inclusive education to recognize the individuality and uniqueness of learners

Develop their intellect, enhance qualities and life skills such as responsibility, communication, independence, inquiring minds, problem solving, team skills and creativity.


Being committed to providing illuminating individualistic values through Indian culture of learning with the modules of personality development, rational thinking, experiential learning and inclusive education.